The History and Culture of Silicone Wristbands

Published: 07th August 2009
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The History and Culture of Silicone Wristbands
Nowadays , a large number of wristbands come into our eyesight . They have become the most popular ornaments among the young people . There are various kinds of silicone wristbands , debossed silicone wristband , iImprinted silicone wristband and so on !! And they become the apple of eyes among we young people . The silicone wristbands are popular , however , how many of us know or have ever heard about the history and culture of silicone wristbands ?
Silicone bracelets first showed up and became popular in America . The first piece of silicone bracelet is the "YELLOW LIVESTRONG", being used as a symbol of defeating cancer and making life stronger .
Since then , silicone wristbands have become the favorite of the young around the world . For there are several reasons . First of all , they are made from natural silicone rubber , which adds special softness to the bracelets so that they are not easily broken. What's more , their high temperature resistance and wearability are adorable . Besides , they are easy to wear , odorless and non-toxic . And , silicone wristbands are known as the "environment friendly ornaments". In this regard , it's doubtless for us to fall in love with this silicone wristbands .
Silicone bracelets are ususlly now associated with sports , promotional activities and other organized events . And a good design for custom silicone wristbands can convey profound meanings . We can see many successful examples in the past few years . For example , Mcdonalds had use silicone bracelets to promote its products . Also , sports merchants such as Nike and Puma are bound to use these magic silicone bracelets to have further development .
After talking so much about wristbands , do you know a little bit of them ?

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